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The former Coal Mine ‘Zeche Zollern’ in Dortmund

2 Oct

ventilation system for the coal mine


shadow of the winding tower


inside the machinery hall


administration building


inside the wages hall

30 Sep

Had to put this one into another format – otherwise it wouldn’t look any good…


one more ripped off – pic …

27 Sep

Dortmund City-North

freedom of speech…?

28 Dec

One more ripped-off picture shot in Dortmund…

ripped off in Dortmund City North

27 Sep

Shot this one in the Northern part of the City. Many people call it the deprived part of Dortmund. I even know people who are afraid to go there. Well, in my opinion it’s a pitty to live in a golden cage of the richer parts, not getting in contact with people and life somewhere else, except your own tribe of middle and higher class people. Besides, City North is one of the most creative regions of Dortmund with an exciting night life scene to discover.
When I started the ripped off series I lived there and it was much easier to find subjects to photograph because old an ripped off posters are omnipresent at the sides of the streets…

another ripped-off…

24 Aug

Shot this one quite close to my home, while walking to the supermarket. It’s good to have your camera with you almost all the time…

28 Jul


Saw this piece quite near to my working place while going for lunch. It was a whole billboard, high on a side of a house ripped and scratched and starting to rust. Had to ask the people from a car repair garage in front of it to enter their plot to do the pic. Well, finally, I like the outcome…