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7 Black and White Photos…

3 Jan

On facebook I was nominated by the photographer Björn Maletz (https://bjoernmaletz.wordpress.com/) to do the 7 BW Pics in 7 Days – Challenge. As you can guess, that means to post a black and white photo each day for one week and nominate other photographers to do so. I think the aim of the challenge is to spread more interesting pictures on facebook than selfies, food, cats and so on… However, here are the 7 BW-photos I posted on facebook:

1. Ruhrpottidyll, Dortmund


2. sleeping dog, Athens


3. shadow, New York


4. triad, Dortmund


5. a dive, Havana


6. bubbles, Barcelona


7. Homme de lettres, Kyoto


thanx for watching! You can find more street photography here: https://istgphotography.wordpress.com/instreetsandcities/